15 % Discount on North London's
Eternal Tooth Whitening System Home Kit

Now £233.00

Discover why every mirror Juliette Presman passes in the house, now gets a smile!

by Dr Ketan Shah


Dear White Teeth Hunter,

Worried about stained teeth?

Concerned your wage alone is not enough to buy a £275 tooth whitening system from your North London dentist?

You don't believe that home whitening kits on the internet work.

So you keep searching, hoping that you'll find a way to help you start smiling with confidence again. And to show off your white teeth to anyone who will smile back.

It's time you got Eternal Tooth Whitening to work for you.

"Remarkable" says Julie Presman

"We wanted to write to thank you for the excellent service we have enjoyed recently at your dental surgery.

While we may have been a little sceptical at what results could have been achieved for teeth whitening using a home application system, Juliette is really thrilled with her transformed teeth. The perfect matching achieved with her veneers to the rest of her teeth are remarkable.

We also want to thank you for the way you introduced our two children to seeing the dentist in such a friendly and easy way, they almost look forward to seeing you (the stickers may help!)

in recommending you and you practice whole heartedly. We look forward to many more years as your patients."

Julie Presman

North London's Eternal Tooth Whitening System Home Kit for just £233.00, saving you 15% from dentist Ketan Shah, is now campaigning  to bring you whiter brighter teeth.

"Rachel Stanley is absolutely thrilled with her completely painless, whiter than expected new smile"

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